Apple Applies For Patent For Its Wireless Charging System

American multinational company, Apple has filed an application for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent would reportedly let the user install wireless charging transfers in a streamlined order enabling the iPhone to be charged first, followed by Apple Watch and finally the iPad.

Recently, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted consumer safety certification for wireless charging technology to the wireless power developer Energous. The Radio Frequency based long-range wireless charging is following a similar path as laid out by Energous.

Apple Applies For Patent For Its Wireless Charging System

On Friday, Apple reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office published a pair of patent applications in regards to wireless power transfers as well as a unique scheduling system.

The report even added that the system is designed to transmit power over the wireless power transfer link. Once the patent is confirmed, it would become easier for Apple to roll-out a technology, which will enable many devices get charged simultaneously in a room. The devices may include cellular telephones, wristwatches, laptops and tablet computers.

It is still not clear whether this is the same as over-the-air wireless transfer. As per a tech website VentureBeat, Wireless power developer Energous and the Cupertino-based giant have joined hands to work together on wireless charging technology since 2014. Earlier in November, Apple had filed an application for an anonymous device that could be opened and closed just like a book.

A patent application published by The US Patent and Trademark Office stated that an electronic device may be designed to have a flexible portion which allows it to be folded. A flexible display may be provided to the device. The flexible display may be incorporated with a bending region that allows the display to simultaneously bend along a curved axis at the time of folding the device.

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