No Trace Of 22 Aspiring Indian Kids In France

A team of 25 enthusiastic kids, who have a keen interest in Rugby, were taken to France for a prestigious training. The kids were primarily from Punjab but a few were also from Haryana and Delhi. After they reached the destination, they were dumped in a Gurudwara after a week, without serving the purpose of the visit. The group who took the children is suspected to be human traffickers and have canceled the return ticket of the kids.

Out of the entire team, only 3 kids could flee from the hands of the merciless traffickers. However, the whereabouts of the rest of the 22 kids, who are aged from 13-18, are still unknown.

No Trace Of 22 Aspiring Indian Kids In France

CBI has filed a case of human trafficking against the alleged criminals Lalit David Dean, Sanjeev Raj, and Varun Choudhary. They have also taken a mammoth amount of 25–30 lacs from the parents of these kids to accomplish the training.

As per CBI, in February 2016, these 25 kids were taken from Delhi to Paris to attend the highly prestigious International Rugby Training, which was offered by the France Federation. They were taken to the spot and the training continued for about a week, aftermath the incidents took a nasty turn. They were taken to a Gurudwara discontinuing the training.

Even the documents that were produced to obtain their Visa from the French Embassy in New Delhi were fake and forged.

The entire saga was brought into the notice of the French Police after one of the stranded boys confronted an officer. Post this visit, the French police are actively participating in the rescue operation of these boys, which was informed to CBI by Interpol.

CBI even raided the places that were related to the accused but no fruitful result was obtained. A case was filed on December 28 and the police will leave no stones unturned to discover the kids.

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