Hindi In UN—BJP proposes, Congress Opposes!

On Wednesday, External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had a debate in the lower house of the parliament over making Hindi an official language at the UN.

Hindi In UN—BJP proposes, Congress Opposes!

Mr. Tharoor didn’t understand the need to push it.

Sushma Swaraj, in her reply said that the biggest problem behind Hindi not being an official language is the procedure.

As per the procedure, two-thirds of the 193 members, which is about 129 members, will have to vote in favor of making Hindi an official language. Along with it, they would even have to bear any kind of financial expenditure, which would be incurred.

Economically weaker countries that support India are not able to contribute financially. So, India is trying to get support from many countries having Indian inmates like Fiji, Mauritius and Surinam.

She said that when they are ready to bear the financial burden, it will become an official language. When a member pointed out that it would require almost 40 crore to make Hindi the official language, she further added that the government is ready to spend Rs. 400 crore on it.

Sushma Swaraj as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi had spoken at the UN in Hindi.

She said that the External Affairs Ministry never had so much work done in Hindi as now.

Mr Tharoor, who worked in the UN questioned the purpose to vote for Hindi, which was not even the national language of India. He added that if someone speaks in Hindi, he/she can do so and the speech can be translated. Speaking in Hindi should not be made a compulsion.

Ms Swaraj contradicted his statement saying that Hindi was spoken in several other countries as well as by the Indian diaspora abroad.

In a written reply, she even added that India was working on it with 129 other countries in order to make this happen.

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