Apple’s Message For Users On One Of The Largest Security Errors

Apple Inc. will issue a patch on its iPads, iPhones, and Macs for the Safari web browser within days, it claimed to the media this week. This comes after main chipmakers revealed faults that leave almost every modern computing gadget defenseless to attackers.

Apple’s Message For Users On One Of The Largest Security Errors

Early this week, other security researchers including Alphabet Inc’s Google revealed 2 major chip errors, one dubbed as Meltdown impacting only chips of Intel Corp and one dubbed as Spectre impacting almost every computer chips created in the past 10 Years. The news reflected as a drop in the shares of Intel as investors attempted to gauge the prices to the chip manufacturer.

In an interview as well on its site, Apple claimed that all iOS and Mac gadgets are impacted by both Spectre and Meltdown. But the latest updates of the operating system for Apple TVs, Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones protect consumers in opposition to the Meltdown attack and do not reduce speed of the gadgets, it claimed. It further added that Meltdown does not impact the Apple Watch.

iOS devices and Macs are defenseless to Spectre assaults via code that can operate in web browsers. Apple claimed that it might roll out a patch to its web browser of Safari for those gadgets in the upcoming days. Soon after the scientists revealed the chip errors early this week, Microsoft Corp and Google rolled out statements informing consumers which of their devices were impacted. Google claimed its consumers of Android handsets (more than 80% of the international market) were defended if they had the newest updates of security.

Apple stayed quiet for more than a day related to the fate of the thousands of billions of consumers of its iPads as well as iPhones along with it other products. The statement for the patch was released later.

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