Ban Polygamy Says Muslim Women

The contentious bill on instant triple talaq has been passed in the Lok Shaba. A day after that, this progress was addressed by several Muslim women who were involved in judicial war against the practice that the government should have also banned polygamy forever. The women also included those who had raised the war against the outdated practice in the Supreme Court, stated with the ephemeral of the Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill in the lower House that it is a new beginning and it will prove to be a deterrent for the husbands from saying talaq-e-biddat to their wives. They further said that the new law by the government should also have debarred the practice of bigamy among the Muslim men, which is worse than triple talaq.

Ban Polygamy Says Muslim Women

The women advocate Farah Faiz, Rizwana and Razia, who were connected in the case against the triple talaq and bigamy in the Supreme court voiced their satisfaction that it is a new start by the Government of India. Faiz also stated that it is a new beginning that will protect the Muslim women, and same views were shared by Rizwana and Razia with a slight modification.

According to the law, Nikahhalala is a practice to limit the incidence of divorce as a man cannot remarry his former wife without her going through the process of marrying someone else, getting divorced, witnessing the separation period called Iddat and then again coming back to him.

Noted advocate Chandra Rajan who also welcomed the new legislation by the apex court and said it would go a long way into the history had represented the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board. She further added that they are very disappointed that Sharia was not at all defined by the Government of India and if Sharia is not demarcated, misapplication of such practices will prevail.

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