Google Chrome To Ward Off Deceptive Extensive With “Machine Learning”

Google has added a new security layer for its chrome users. The search giant has introduced a new method for detecting the confusion and doping of browser extensions on its Chrome web browser. Soon, it will use machine learning system to prevent abuse and harm to its chrome users. Google will automatically upgrade inline installation of features for detecting the abuse through malicious extension.

Google Chrome To Ward Off Deceptive Extensive With "Machine Learning”

Although, Google has already introduced an extension level protection, it will now include machine learning to check out the each inline installation request for bad signals and unwanted ads in the web pages. After the chrome browser detects the signals, it will automatically disable and redirect the chrome users to the extension of the page on the web store. With the help of this technique, Google will ensure the inline installation of the extension from any unwanted source, which is not affected.

Since 2011, the tech giant has taken strong steps for preventing malicious extensions for its chrome users. The Chrome users can easily enable their desired extensions from the developer’s website. When any users visited a particular website, they had to navigate away in order to download an app or an extension. After introducing Chrome 15, the users did not allowed to leave the site because of the mechanism has been misused by attackers to trick users into downloading any kind of malware attacks.

For preventing the chrome users from malicious extension, Google has started to disable the inline installations in 2015 in case of misleading of deceptive install flows. It also warned the users and noted users’ complaints. After introducing the new system in 2015, Google also declared that the users’ complaints have been reduced by 65% after disabling the initiative. Less than 3% of extensions were still engaged in this confusion install flows.

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