Triple Talaq Bill Stalled In Rajya Sabha

The Government had a confrontation  with a unified opposition on Wednesday over the Triple Talaq Bill, with the latter delaying the debate on the Bill and demanding that the bill be sent to a select panel as the party in power was looking to quickly pass the bill and put an end to the illegitimate practice.

Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union Law Minister, introduced the Bill in the Upper House in the midst of an absolute ruckus created by the opposition for discussion and eventual implementation, only to have it stopped in between by the opposition’s uproar and the BJP fighting back strongly.

Triple Talaq Bill Stalled In Rajya Sabha

The passage of the bill would result in instant Triple Talaq being an unlawful practice and could lead to the husband engaging in it be put in behind bars for up to 3 years.

The government stressed on the fact that the bill needs to be passed as quickly as possible based on a Supreme Court verdict, which categorized the practice as “unconstitutional”.

The opposition, on the other hand, while in favor of the bill, wanted it to be studied by a select panel who would take the opinions of the various people concerned with it into account. This effort was led by the Congress, the TMC and Samajwadi Party.

All of the warnings and appeals by Deputy Chairman P J Kurien went in vain as nobody paid heed to any of them and he was compelled to adjourn the session for the day without validating or ignoring the opposition’s motion on the select panel.

The government opposed this move by the opposition, stating that the judges of the Supreme Court have declared the practice as unconstitutional and till the bill is passed in the parliament the practice was stopped for a period of 6 months, which is nearing its end which makes it imperative that the bill be passed urgently.

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