Satellite Pics Show Extensive Chinese Military Structure in Doklam

New satellite images show a massive and full-fledged Chinese military complex, which is being built within Doklam.

The crystal clear satellite images that are available depict a Chinese buildup which Bhutan claims to be its own. Last month, images of a new road approximately 10 km wide, being built by the Chinese in the Doklam plateau went viral.

Satellite Pics Show Extensive Chinese Military Structure in Doklam

The entire disputed Doklam area has the Indian post of Doka La in Sikkim to the west and the Sinche La pass between Doklam and China on the east. On the north is the undisputed part of China, or the Chumbi Valley.

Trenches are also visible where there is Chinese construction. Military structures and infrastructure is visible at all locations. Two helipads are clearly demarcated by an H marking.

Artillery guns cannot be seen but there are areas, which are dug out and look like gun emplacements.

The Chinese structures are just 81 meters away from the Doka la in Sikkim.

Due to the Doklam stare down, the Chinese couldn’t further stretch their road.

A clear comparison can be found from the Google Earth images from March 2005 and May 2011. The earlier image shows a rough path, but in the second, the rough path has been paved and widened.

On October 7, the External Affairs Ministry clarified that no new developments have taken place at the face-off site in Doklam and its vicinity, since the August 28 disengagement. The status quo is still existing in this area.

As per the official reports, on taking a closer look at the satellite images that are available in the public domain taken in December are ample proof that the Chinese people never stopped their infrastructure buildup in that entire region. The Chinese have constructed proper structures, only at a distance of 81 meters from an Indian post.

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