Size And Quality To Affect The 20 Cities Listed By Amazon

Amazon has shortlisted 20 cities for its second headquarter. And the reason why these cities made up to the list was:

Size And Quality To Affect The 20 Cities Listed By Amazon


The state of Connecticut also registered for 2nd headquarters of Amazon, comprising proposals for Stamford and Hartford. But it was informed that the cities were not sufficiently big. “We got optimistic feedback from officials of Amazon, but in the end we did not have a sufficiently big metropolitan region for this specific proposal,” Dannel Malloy, the Governor, claimed to the media in an interview.

Tiny cities on the list, such as Indianapolis and Raleigh, Nashville may be dared by the sheer size of expected requirements from Amazon. Almost 9 out of the country’s 10 biggest metros are on the list of Amazon. “Even amongst the biggest regions on the list, the industry for tech employees might be distorted by the new requirement for 50,000 employees,” claimed chief economist at Indeed, Jed Kolko, to the media in an interview.

Pittsburgh, Denver, Indianapolis, Austin, Raleigh, Nashville, and Columbus, Ohio all amongst the leading 20 have populations less in comparison to Seattle’s almost 3.8 Million. That might make it difficult for those regions to offer sufficient top-notch managerial, technical, and financial talent.


Not all those 50,000 employees have to be situated right now in whatever location the company decides. The firm claimed that its 50,000 employments will take place in the course of 10–15 Years, and it obviously anticipates pulling in talent from somewhere else. Amazon claims that it needs a city with facilities that its future workers will need to shift to.

That might assist Denver, with its closeness to the Rocky Mountains, or Nashville, with its music prospect. But it might also advantage cities with lower overall prices and cheaper housing, such as Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

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