Women Dominate All Top Positions At Davos, A First in WEF History

Davis makes a history with all leaders as women

From nuclear physicist to company leaders, from financial leaders to politicians, women had presence at every domain at this year’s Davos meet.

Women Dominate All Top Positions At Davos, A First in WEF History

Over past three decades several countries from round the globe, people from almost all walks of life have joined the Davos- Kloster’s Economic Forum at Switzerland. This meeting again started this year on Monday with an overwhelming number of women delegates.

The Davos Economic meet is considered as one of the most prestigious events of the world where complex issues, both economic and political, battles and financial crisis are discussed and resolutions are looked expected from the delegates.

As per the norms there has to selection of 7 co-chairs at the forum and this time all these chairs have been occupied by female executives and politicians, including the Prime Minister of Norway.

This selection comes at a very crucial moment of the world; just after a week of a US rally where women protested against the huge pay gap between male and female workers at same levels. The rally was also related to the sexual harassment round the world.

Though the top presiding members are women, still discrepancy remains with just 21% of members as ladies in the event. Last year the percentage was 20% while it was 18% in 2016 and 17% in 2015, this year the total gathering at Davos is 3000. The female participation has improved a lot from 9% in 2009.

Over the years there have been increase in the number of women in the top ladder of the corporate and optician world and recently Iceland has made it illegal to pay female lesser than males.

At the World Economic Forum, head of education, gender and work system, Saadia Zahidi said that the long term goal should be making women participation as normal and not a surprise to the world.

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