Sherin’s Foster Parents Forego Custody Rights Of Their Own Child

The parents of a 3-year-old child Sherin Mathews agreed to forego their parental rights and custody rights of their surviving child. Sherin was lifeless lying near a culvert in the US. She had been missing since October 7, and was not to be traced in spite of extensive search operations. It was only on 22 October when her body was discovered by a dog near a culvert. It took several of days to recognize her body.

Sherin’s Foster Parents Forego Custody Rights Of Their Own Child

Sherin’s Foster father has been taken into the custody for the murder of her child. Even the mother, Sini was arrested on the ground of abandonment of her child. The foster parents went for dinner leaving behind their three years old daughter alone in their home.

Sini said that it was difficult for her to give up parental rights; however, she did so because of the prevailing circumstances and the criminal cases against them. All she wanted is the best things for her surviving daughter.

The court had earlier disallowed the parents to have contact with their surviving daughter whose age is only 4 years due to negligence towards the protection of Sherin. The custody of the 4 years child has been taken by CPS and is now residing in Houston area with her relatives. These relatives had gone through immense background scan and other studies regarding their home and are planning to adopt the girl child.

The father was arrested on several grounds and has been changing his statements. Initially he maintained that the girl, she did not drink her milk and later he changed his statement and said she got chocked by the milk, both the sentences were contradicting each other. He is also alleged with murder and also trying to damage the shreds of evidence. The baby girls were taken from India. Sherin’s medical reports said she had multiple bone injuries in various recovery stages strongly suggesting abuse.

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