Salil Parekh As CEO Is A Vast Help For Infosys

Salil Parekh handling the job as CEO is enormously optimistic for Infosys. This is due to the fact that Parekh is a team builder who recognizes the changing market environment and the business, claims T V Mohandas Pai, the former chief financial officer of the company, to the media in an interview.

Salil Parekh As CEO Is A Vast Help For Infosys

Parekh being a resident of Bengaluru, the headquarters of the NASDAQ-listed firm, might also make an enormous difference since most customers visit the campuses prior to they ink the contracts and the groups operating on their projects here, Pai claimed to the media. “It (Parekh being opt as CEO) is enormously optimistic for Infosys. The company will have a CEO who recognizes the business of services, who recognizes the alterations that are taking place and what requires to be done,” he claimed.

“He is a user-facing individual and that is precisely the type of talent that is needed. Operating in a services firm, that is, in Capgemini where he used to work earlier, he knows and he understands how to cope with users and how to convey teams together with him,” Pai claimed. Looking at Vishal Sikka, the predecessor of Parekh who mostly worked out of the U.S., Pai claimed, “Locking yourself in the U.S. (in Palo Alto) did not provide any purpose for the previous CEO of the company. It only generated barriers between the teams and the CEO. As a result, it is significant for the CEO to be in the surrounding area, which is the office, wherever it is situated.”

He further claimed, “Parekh has showed fine leadership at Capgemini where he appears to have lost out on the race of CEO only due to the fact of his origin, which is what occurs in most firm of Europe that prefer citizens of Europe at the helm.”

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