AIF Personnel Caught For Sharing Info with ISI Spy

An officer, posted at IAF headquarters in Delhi has been detained on the charges of spying and leaking classified information to ISI, Pak intelligence agency. According to investigators, Arun Marwaha, Group Captain, now in his 51, passed on military secrets and documents to 2 Pak agents, with whom the officer chatted on social media platform thinking them to be women.

AIF Personnel Caught For Sharing Info with ISI Spy

The air force officer is a skydiving instructor and was responsible for providing training to selected guard commandos. He was charged under OSA and can be sentenced to life imprisonment. He was about to get retirement next year.

As per the sources, the Air Force officer made friends with the ISI workers over Facebook. The ISI agents had fake women profiles and they began chatting with him on WhatsApp on regular basis. They also exchanged private messages. After ensuring he trust them completely, the agents started asking for secret military documents. In exchange of obscene pictures, the officer shared classified docs and information through WhatsApp. The leaked information was related to cyber warfare, space and special military operation.

A senior officer of Indian Air Force found out the huge breach a couple of weeks ago and initiated an in-house investigation. When the crime of Marwaha was revealed, IAF intimated Delhi Police. The Air Force’ counter-intelligence division interrogated him for more than a week, and then handed over the case to the Delhi Police.

While walking with his mobile phone inside the IAF headquarters, he was put under arrest as entering the building with mobile phones is not allowed. He is under police custody for 5 days as ordered by court.

Counter intelligence investigators from Indian Air Force are investigating whether Marwaha was player of a larger Pak based spy group.

The Indian Air Force has not made any statements over the arrest but said that Marwaha was found indulged in some unnecessary activities through illegal electronic devices.

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