Bengaluru Based Startup Manufactures Wireless Chargers

PowerSquare, a wireless charging company based at Bengaluru is ready to change the way mobiles are being charged these days. The company CEO Pavan Pudipeddi, who is also the founder, says that wireless chargers can help users charge android, iOS and windows phones all with the same charging machine.

The most popular product of the brand is an in car wireless mobile charger. The company is also bringing a wireless power bank in the market along with a new version of its present charging mats which can be used for different kinds of devices.

Bengaluru Based Startup Manufactures Wireless Chargers

The wireless chargers from other companies give very less space for charging and hence even if the phone moves slightly, vibrates or receives a text message the charger shifts from its location and stops charging. Power Square offers more freedom to the users while using wireless chargers. Its chargers come with multiple induction coils on the charging mat which means that users need not be very particular about where they are keeping the charger over the phone for charging. The CEO went ahead to say that they are innovating a way in which a single wireless charger can charge multiple devices at a single point of time.

He also informed that they are trying to make charges look sophisticated.

Recently Apple has also announced its arrival in the wireless charging market with its newest product, the AirPower Charging Pad. He also said that wireless charging is opening doors to accessory makers for mobile phones, like the case makers.

PowerSquare is at present working with a big automobile and plastic manufacturer to make an in car wireless charging space. Besides position free charging solution, this 2012 started company also is aiming to introduce its wireless charging mats and power banks in the US markets. The products will be charged between $60 and $100 in America.

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