Driverless Delivery Pod—The “Human-less” Face of Delivering Goods

The dream of the design of a human-less machine has a face now. It resembles a huge toaster that has a hat on the top of it.

The latest autonomous vehicle was revealed by Nuro the last week. Nuro is a startup of Silicon Valley which has been secretive about the plans of the business.

Driverless Delivery Pod—The “Human-less” Face of Delivering Goods

The sleek and shiny gadget on wheels is not incorporated with any window or door, as it has been built to carry packages and not the humans.

When the industrialists and automakers are thriving to replace the drivers for the fleets of Taxis and Uber cars, Nuro is taking the technology to a whole new level by discarding the necessity of a driver.

As per the co-founder of the latest innovation, Dave Ferguson, it is a service of local teleportation. He added that this will make the delivery of any material possible anywhere and anytime.

The delivery pods designed by Nuro weigh around 1,500 pounds. The primary weight has been captivated by the battery pack which offers power to the electric motor. The height and length of the driverless pod are around a normal SUV but the width is only 3.5 feet. The windshield is made of glass in order to make the other drivers feel comfortable on the road.

The interior is customizable as well as modular that will have the capacity to carry around 250 pounds. Even the grocer will be able to take an advantage of refrigeration or shelves if needed. Hanging racks will be provided to the dry cleaners.

Ferguson added that an ample amount of time has already been spared to accomplish the ergonomic experiments, which will offer extreme benefits to the diversified number of people.

The most innovative self-drive technology is a perfect example of a smart suitcase which follows the travelers in the station or airport.

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