February 2018 Sees Launch Of 3 Science Fiction Books

If you are upset seeing no science fiction movie releases in February 2018, do not worry there are a number of good books which can fulfill your wishes. February sees launch of 3 science fiction books by different authors, interesting titles and one as a complete novel.

February 2018 Sees Launch Of 3 Science Fiction Books

The three books in the hotlist of very passionate reader in the month of February are

  1. The Tangled lands

Author—Paolo Bacigalupiand Tobias S. Buckell

These two are well known authors in the science fiction world and hence their new release is in high demand. The duo is well known for their previous works which includes Ship Breaker and Halo: The Cole Protocol. The current novel is attracting readers for its different environmental themes.

Story in brief

The novel revolves around a fallen empire, named as the Khaim, or the Blue City. The whole kingdom turned toxic due to overuse of magic. The present rulers of the kingdom are a tyrant and a maze and are busy getting as much magic as they can. Their sole intention is to use magic to control the citizens of the place. Their intention and method is destroying the environment and the story begins here about how the people try to sand themselves from this destruction.

The novel is supposed to release on February 27, 2018.

  1. Child of s Mad God

Author—R.A. Salvatore

Popular for stories like The Demon Wars Saga and Forgotten Realms, Salvatore now comes up another fantasy.

Story in brief

In this novel a young woman finds herself alone in a tribe of barbarians. Born under Blood Moon and daughter of the witch, this lady is unique and the story is how she finds out the world.

The novel is supposed to release on February 6, 2018.

  1. Into the fire

Author—Elizabeth Moon

Entertaining readers from past 3 decades, Elizabeth Moon is famous for her works like Planet Pirates, Familias Regnant and Paksenarrion.

Story in brief

Into the fire deals with a marooned ship on the Arctic circle. The story revolves around the secrets of the place and of the family of Admiral Kylara Vatta.

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