Yet Another Gruesome Story of Rohingya Surface in Myanmar

Tied together, 10 Rohingya ethnic Muslim captives looked at their Buddhist fellow citizens dig a narrow grave. Shortly after that, on September 2, 2017, morning, all 10 of them were dead. Nearly 2 of the captives killed by Buddhist inhabitants and the rest were gun fired by Myanmar Army, as stated by the gravediggers.

Soe Chay, an ex-soldier from Inn Din, said they dug one grave for 10 bodies. The troops shot every single man 2 to 3 times; some were still in senses at the time of being buried.

Yet Another Gruesome Story of Rohingya Surface in Myanmar

The death row in the seaside village, Inn Din raise with this bloody episode of ethnic cruelty. Around 690,000 Rohingyas have escaped from their villages, and traversed the border of Bangladesh. All Rohingya Muslims of Inn Din village, counting to nearly 6,000 either killed or fled.

The Myanmar army is accused of rapes, arson and killing Rohingyas with an aim to wipe their very existence in the nation where Buddhist are the majorities. The UN suspects that the Myanmar troops may have also performed genocide. The action is called ethnic cleansing by the United States, while Myanmar says it is “clearance operation” and is a rightful answer to the violence by Rohingya uprising.

Centuries ago Rohingya had their existence in Rakhine. But according to most of the Burmese, Rohingyas are unwanted refugees from Bangladesh.  They are referred as “Bengalis” by the Myanmar Army. At present, sectarian tensions are on the rise. The government has kept above 100,000 Rohingya Muslims in camps, which gives them curbed access to food, education and medicine.

So far, instances of cruelty against Rohingya ethnic groups in Rakhine have been stated only by the victims. The first time Buddhist villagers could be approached for interviews where they confessed of burning Rohingya houses, killing and burying bodies of Muslims.

Also, this is for the first time, the military’s role in directly supporting the ethnic violence came under the light of media.

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