Mandira Bedi Reveals Her Opinion On Casting Couch

Casting couch news has always been flooded in Bollywood industry. Many Bollywood celebs have also given their opinion on this, now actress Mandira Bedi has spoken on this issue. According to the celebs we say that casting couch isn’t just one side mistake. In their eyes, it is a matter related to both sides. It is worth mentioning that Mandira Bedi, who started her career in a TV show peacefully, has also made her special appearance as an actress and host. She has been active in the industry for many years.

Mandira Bedi Reveals Her Opinion On Casting Couch

According to Mandira, “There cannot be one side fault in casting couch. It can happen only after agreeing on both sides. Many times people say that they were subjected to sexual harassment in the name of giving work in the film, but this does not happen if most of the time.”

Mandira has been in this industry since long and no one has talked about such a topic till date. She says, “I have been working in this industry for more than 23 years. I have never faced situations like this that someone demanded me a role through this kind of offer. I was never in the place where someone can ask me about some kind of compromise for a good job. Casting couch is only positive when the second person is ready to compromise. This is always a two-way process.”

These days, Mandira is seen in the web series ‘Vodka Diaries’. Mandira is pretty conscious about her fitness. Photos of gym or fitness workouts have been viral on social networking.

Her active involvement in the program related to women’s shows and fitness has made her a role model for women. Mandira says that even after this, she wants to maintain this spirit in terms of work.

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