Hanumantha Rao Urges Rahul Gandhi To Dismiss Mani Shankar Aiyar

Suspension from the party does not seem to be sufficient punishment to stop Mani Shankar Aiyar from making controversial comments. His recent declaring at a meeting in Karachi stating that Indian politicians are “still stuck in a partial 1947 mindset” while most Pakistani political parties want cordial relations with India have left his party members fuming. The first to react was senior leader Hanumantha Rao who urged Cong president Rahul Gandhi to expel the errant member immediately.

Hanumantha Rao Urges Rahul Gandhi To Dismiss Mani Shankar Aiyar

Mr. Aiyar said that except the radical Jamaat-e-Islami, all Pakistani political parties want to have cordial relations with India while the same mindset is not reflected in Indian political parties. This statement was issued just two days after a terrorist attack at a military camp in Jammu housing army families that led to the death of six soldiers and a civilian and left 10 camp residents with serious injuries.

Expressing his displeasure at the remarks of Mani Shankar, Mr. Rao stated to a news agency that these remarks are uncalled for as the man has already been suspended for such activities in the past. He also reiterated that he would personally write to Rahul Gandhi and request him to remove Mr. Aiyar from the party as he was making comments about getting plenty of love and affection from Pakistan.

When asked for views about the comments, BJP leader Sambit Patra stated that Mr. Aiyar is a “repeat offender” as he had previously stated at a meeting in Pakistan “Modi ko hatana hoga”. Other members of his party like Salman Khurshid also have gone to Pakistan and demeaned India. Unfortunately Congress party’s leaders have a strange culture where a senior leader like Chidambaram speaks about “azaadi” or freedom while others say that the army chief of India is a “sadak ka goonda”. Mr. Aiyar had been suspended last year for calling PM Modi, “neech aadmi” that also earned him a strong reprimand from Rahul Gandhi.

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