No Time For Movies Says Veteran Actor Kamal Haasan

Renowned actor, Kamal Haasan announced his retirement from the film industry. Barring the two films in the making, he would not be accepting any more film offers as he wants to devote his time for the welfare of the people in the state of Tamil Nadu. What better way to do that than by entering politics?

No Time For Movies Says Veteran Actor Kamal Haasan

He is yet to decide on the name of his party and draw its manifesto and has set February 21 as its release date. However, he made it clear that his party would not be associated with the saffron color in any way. He declared that he was an admirer of both Jawaharlal Nehru as well as Mahatma Gandhi but hated extremism of any sorts. He cautioned against the harmful effects of Hindu extremism which he felt was on the rise though he clarified that he was not a Hindu opponent.

He further asserted that he would achieve success in politics as he had gathered a huge support following, numbering in lakhs in the course of his social service work started 37 years ago. The entire force would become his volunteers in the political arena.

On being asked whether he would associate with Rajinikanth he replied in the negative if Rajinikanth would choose saffron color for basing his political ideology.

Kamal Haasan was currently at Harvard University for collecting data that would help him in his village adoption project. He was going to adopt eight overlooked villages situated in varied areas of Tamil Nadu that lacked in basic necessities and transform them completely.

He explained that the decision to enter into politics was made by him a decade ago as he wanted to be remembered not for his acting skills but for his service to mankind. He felt that he would be the people’s preferred choice and either ways his main aim was serving the people above anything else.

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